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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

On Blogging

Do other people go through a self-examination phase when they start blogging?

  • why a I doing this?
  • will anyone read this?
  • what will they think if they do?
  • does any of it matter?

I am sceptical about this blogging. It's rather stark at the moment, but I like the layout of my page and I've begun tweaking the style sheet in the template to make it how I want it to look. But style can mask deficiency of content. Is this is a (post-)modern issue? So much attention on how a thing looks, to presentation, to 'reinventing' a product or a personality, to corporate image, to the 'look' of a publication, the logo. We are drawn by the visual and delight in it: no problem there. 'Truth is beauty', and all that. Is there anything beyond the aesthetic here? Are the words worth writing or reading? Is it worth the disc-space?

Perhaps it is just another attempt to become immortal (Ernest Becker), or to construct a sense-of-self (David Loy), as is so much of what we do in our (little) lives.


Jennifer said...

Yes, we all go through it. But know that random people, such as myself, are reading your blog!! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, you do have readers!